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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this a strata?

  • No, this is not a strata, it is a manufactured home community. 

​Q: What are the rental costs?

  • The pad fees are $500 per month which includes the land rental, the land portion of the property tax, the maintenance of all the common areas including the maintenance of streets, snow removal, street lights, and the sewage treatment plant; as the regional district does not provide sewer in our area.


Q: Does the Big Maple offer financing? 


Q: How do I know my investment is safe if the land owners decided to sell?

  • As part of the development agreement with the District of Sechelt, the land owners have agreed to lower the previous density not allowing the density to be increased in the future by putting a covenant on the land. This protects all home owners from the possibility of the land being rezoned to higher density for redevelopment no matter who owns the land in the future.

Q: Do all the houses come with decks?

  • Yes, the house includes either a deck or a patio and access stairs.


Q: Will I have control over my own landscaping? 

  • You are welcome to landscape your lot as you please and are responsible for your own upkeep. We will be maintaining all the common areas of the community. 


Q: What are the park rules at Big Maple? 

  • There are park rules in place. The most common being we are a retirement community for 55+ and we only consider small pets under 25lbs. There is no subletting allowed. If you wish to see a complete copy of the park rules, please send us an email.

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